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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

June 17, 2020
Important Letter to My Valued Clients:
To say that I've missed all of you, and have missed providing massage therapy is an understatement. Massage became an important, and life changing part of my life when I started at IPSB School of Massage and Bodywork, shortly after I moved here in 2004. Even on my bad days, giving or receiving massage therapy changes my body and mind for the better. I thank all of you for being a part of that! 
Although I've missed my work, I've been able to take these past 3 months home (95 days and counting) to slow down, rethink how I spend my time, and recenter my priorities. I have been able to deep dive back into healing yoga, exercise, and reading. I have reconnected with family, far away friends & my husband. I have taken a new look at my own health, and of course, became an even better dog mom! Slowing down like I never have before, felt good to my body and mind. And even though the financial strain seemed too much for my business to survive, I have been supported by, and owe thanks to, some generous clients, Pandemic Unemployment, and considerate vendors. So again, Thank you!
All of that being said, I don't think there will be a “going back to normal” for a lot of us, certainly not me. Looking at all of the positive that I've been able to take away from this, combined with all of the stress of the pandemic, and positive momentum of the Black Lives Matter Movement, I won't go back to being the same person!! I am sure that many of you are going through this as well. With all of that said, many of you REALLY, REALLY need that massage right about now to help you move forward. Please know, I hear you! 
In thinking about how to reopen, I feel the weight of the responsibility to keep you safe, but also, to protect my asthmatic lungs, and my hard working husband. The thought of practicing massage therapy the way that I enjoy it, with the techniques that are second nature to me, seems almost impossible to me at this moment. So, be patient with me during this process. I am a bit overwhelmed to be honest, but I do want to slowly begin practicing massage therapy again. Your sessions will look different as we get through this pandemic, there is no way around that. So, please know that all of the protocols listed below are going to be used for every client who decides to schedule an appointment with me. If you are not comfortable with these guidelines, I respect that, do not take offense, and will be glad to see you again in the future. 
Also, if you have any underlying health conditions, or are just more comfortable avoiding massage for a bit longer, please do stay home. As stated by the CA Dept of Health, “All of these protocols include stringent protections intended to support a safe, clean environment for workers and customers.” But, there is no guarantee that you absolutely will not contract Coronavirus during a massage. Please, use your discretion, and be honest with me about any symptoms or exposure.
*All of the following protocols take into account that even though it will just be myself and one client in my entire office at a time, the main concern from a transmission standpoint is being in an indoor space, with limited air exchange/recycled air (I cannot open a window, as is recommended), and that most massages last longer than 50 minutes. 
The Protocols for reopening, beginning week of June 23rd
What I am asking of my clients:
  • Due to the face covering regulation, I will only be scheduling 45 minute massage sessions at a rate of $90. This is a big experiment for us all. I need to see how long I am comfortable working in a face mask and shield, as well as testing out your comfort during the massage with your face covering. If we need to cut your session short due to discomfort, then you will only pay for the time we spent together. There will be no 60 or 90 minute sessions until further notice.
  •  A new scheduling system will text you a reminder 24 hrs in advance. This will include a “Complete COVID screening” form. This must be filled out before each appointment. It is a requirement for my liability insurance.
  • Every client must wear a face covering from the moment they enter the office, until the moment they leave. Yes, you must keep your face covering on as you undress/dress, and during the entire massage session. If you forget to bring your face covering, one will be provided for you.
  • When you arrive for your scheduled massage, please text me that you have arrived (619-928-2857). I will text you back when I am ready for you to come in. Please do not wait outside of my door.
  • Before you enter my office, I will be taking your temperature with a touchless forehead thermometer. Please wear your mask during this time also. If you have a temperature above 100.4 degrees F, you will be sent home, and the appointment will be rescheduled no sooner than 14 days out. I will be taking my own temperature daily as well.
  • Guests, pets, or children may NOT accompany you to your massage, even if you live together.
What I am doing to protect you:
  • I have installed a sink in my treatment room to allow for more frequent and easier hand washing. Each client will be asked to wash their hands upon entering.
  • Hand sanitizer will be found by the front door, and in the treatment room.
  • I will be wearing a face covering the entire time you are in my office, as well as a face shield during the massage for eye protection. The face shield will be properly disinfected or replaced between each client.
  • I will be changing into scrubs when arriving at work, and be changing into new scrubs in between clients. I will also have shoes that I will just be wearing at work and not bringing home.
  • I will be adding a disposable layer of material between the clean sheets and the table warmer for added protection.
  • I have switched over to pumpable massage lotions, making it easier to properly disinfect my supplies in between clients, and help prevent cross contamination. I will be temporarily discontinuing the use of essential oils, and hot towels.
  • Face and scalp massages are temporarily discontinued.
  • Massaging of the hands will take place at the end of the massage
  • Use of REJUVENTE brand disinfectant wipes on high touch surfaces of office, including face cradle, bolster, lotion bottles, etc. This product is registered as EPA compliant for killing SARS-CoV-2 , the virus that causes COVID-19. It is non-irritating and eco-friendly.
  • There will be at least 45 minutes in between each client. This will give me time to disinfect, change, air out the office, and take a break with my mask off. Please respect this as my time to perform important tasks and take a break.
  • I have strict guidelines to follow in regards to handling clean and soiled linens. Clean linens will be kept in bags, and soiled linens will be stored in airtight containers in the area usually reserved for waiting, not kept in the treatment room.
WHEW. That's a lot. I know. If you are still reading, I appreciate you!! The last topic that I will bring up is my fees. I have spent a lot of funds on these new protocols, and will see less clients in my day. I will not be overworking myself to make up for lost time – I am too committed to my new work/ life balance and my own health now. For now, the 45 minute massage will be my only option to choose from, and the price will be $90. I will decide how and when to proceed with adding 60 and 90 minute sessions again based on your feedback and how I feel. When that time comes, my rates will be:
60 minutes= $105
90 minutes = $155
I'm looking forward to reopening, again thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have an appointment on the books from this point forward, expect a message from me to make some adjustments, or move that appointment.
Thank you for listening, for your patience, and your support