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Monday, May 3, 2021

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Monday, August 17, 2020

  Blissed Out Massage   

 Helping clients manage pain & stress with massage & relaxation

Each massage that you receive will be customized to help you work towards a goal that you have for your body - Whether you want to increase your athletic performance, recover from trauma or injury, rid the body of pain, or to let go of stress and relax... we can help.  We use a blend of different techniques, such as deep tissue, circulatory, sports massage, and neuromuscular therapy - blended to your changing needs.  We provide this bodywork in a calm, soothing setting, so that you can also lower your stress levels. This combination of relaxation and customized techniques will help to improve your well being!

Once you are feeling great, and your goals have been reached, we encourage each client to set up maintenance massage appointments.  Getting you out of pain can be easy - keeping you pain free and healthy does require consistency and a commitment to yourself!  Maintenance massage sessions are typically scheduled every 4-6 weeks and will keep your body and mind running at an optimal state. Self-care techniques, such as stretching, meditation, and exercise, are also something we promote and hope that each client participates in on their own to further enhance the massages they receive.

Are you the type who thinks of massage as a luxury, or something they cannot afford to spend money on?  Well think of it this way.... You body is very much like your car. If you change your oil every 5,000 miles, rotate your tires and change your air filter - you know, the necessities - your car will get you to work every day, get good gas mileage, and last you for years, turning into a classic someday down the road.  BUT, if you wait too long to change the oil, don't take it to a professional for its maintenance repairs, and always run the gas tank on low, it will break down suddenly and the repairs will be expensive. Same goes for your body... maintain it with massage, hydration, stretching, and giving yourself time to unwind, and you will be one active and happy 90 year old. Ignore all of these things and next thing you know you are stricken with chronic pain, a sprain or strain, headaches, or a repetitive stress issue that requires expensive medication and surgery. Do you want to end up in a wheelchair while others are walking by?  You have only one life and one body, take care of it!